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Hiroshima Style Food

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Chef Fumio Tanga and his Sho Foo Doh team present unclassic Japanese snacks + Hiroshima style okonomiyaki five nights a week from 6 – 10pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

“There are a few different okonomiyaki styles in different regions in Japan. The most popular and well-known one worldwide is the Osaka-style, which is a more doughy pancake where all the ingredients are mixed into the batter. Hiroshima-style on the other hand is more layered, starting with a thin crepe, loads of vitamin K boosting cabbages, beanshoots, pork belly, egg noodles and an omelette, with sauce, mayo, benishoga ginger and scallions on top.” Fumio Tanga


Vegan Snacks – (all 4 for £10) 
Renkon Chips – Lotus roots crisps w/ aonori seaweed salt – £3 (vg)
Kyuri Tataki – Our signature cucumber pickles w/ sesame oil, soy and vinegar – £3(vg)
Tofu Misozuke – Tofu marinated in sweet miso – £3 (vg)
Edamame Peperoncino – Edamame sauteed w/ garlic and chilli – £3 (vg)

Cauliflower Age – Sesame panko crusted deep fried cauliflower w/ miso tahini dip – £5 (vg)
Atsuyakko – Tofu, ginger juice, fried garlic, sesame oil, ponzu, pineapple & chilli sauce, black sesame seeds £6 (vg)
Ume Shiso Iwashi – Squid Ink Tempura sardines w/ sour plum, shiso leaves, shichimi salt – £6
Angry Wings – Chicken wings with scotch bonnet, aonori, honey & ponzu sauce – £6
Buta Kakuni – Braised pork belly & bok choi with English mustard – £7
Japanese Tacos – Tuna, avocado, wasabi mayo & micro herbs on crispy gyoza skin – £7
Kaki Fry – Panko deep fried oysters w/ Worcestershire and yuzu tartare – £7

Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki
Pork, Kimchi & Cheddar £12
Mentaiko & Mochi Rice Cakes £12
Stewed Beef & Jalapeno £13
Squid & Prawn £14
Shiso Pesto, Mozzarella & Tomato £12 (v)*
Miso Tofu Steak, Cress & Scallion Oil £12 (v)*
*vegan version can be made with udon noodles instead of egg noodles, no mayo, no cheese and no omelette

Japanese pavlova – grilled perssimon, yuzu curd, whipped cream and meringue £4.50


Brunch menu

We open for weekend brunch, served from 11 am ’til 16.00, brought to you by the good folks at Louie Louie.

Granola, yoghurt & berries (Vg) 5.5
Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup & chocolate / feta / bacon 8.5
On toast
Avocado, spiced labneh & pumpkin seeds on sourdough (Vg) 7.5
Halloumi, avocado, grapefruit, mint & rocket on sourdough toast (Vg) 8.5
Smoked salmon, fennel & avocado on rye 9.5
With Eggs
Kimchi, avocado, feta & fried eggs on toast (Vg) 9.5
Garlic roast portabello mushroom with leeks & tarragon cream on sourdough toast with fried eggs (Vg) 9.5
Cornbread with jalapeño salsa, pickled chilli, sour cream & fried eggs (Vg) 9.5
Streaky bacon, fried eggs & garlic roast portobello mushroom on sourdough toast 9.5
New potato hash with salsa verde, leeks, spring greens, peas, goats cheese, fried eggs & pickled radish (GF) 9.5
Spiced black beans with corn tortilla, fried eggs, jalapeño salsa, pickled chilli, pickled onion & sour cream (Vg) (GF) 9.5
Sandwiches Roast aubergine, tahini & rocket sandwich (Vg) 8
Bacon, avocado, aioli, tomato & rocket sandwich 8
Vegan Options
Banana bread & almond butter 5
New potato hash with salsa verde, leeks, spring greens, peas, goats cheese, avocado & pickled radish (GF) 9.5
Spiced black beans with corn tortilla, avocado, pickled chilli, pickled onion & jalapeño salsa (GF) 9.5
+1/2 Avocado 2 | +Bacon 2 | +Smoked Salmon 2 | +2 Toast 2.5 |+Halloumi 2


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